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I've never seen anything like what is happening at eXp Realty.

By Joanne Bolt

I've been fortunate enough to have built or help build several companies with amazing humans and amazing cultures. Everything from consulting firms to sororities to real estate companies.

But I've never seen anything like what is happening at eXp Realty.

Sure, they sprinkled some pixie dust into their platform by having stock that we can own (some gifted and some purchased at a discount), and sure we are financially aligned through revenue share. A system I'm personally seeing as profitable each and every month. And by profitable I mean like house payment level of profitable.

But it's not the platform or the money that makes it great. It really is the people. People like Brent Gove who often says "sure I'll take a phone call even though I've never met you. How can I help?" or Devin Doherty and Kevin Du Toit who open up the mornings of masterminds with devotion and prayer for any and all who will raise their hand and attend. Or Vlad Kats who has a standing call with me every Tuesday-no coaching fee necessary. Just a "How can I assist you in growing your business"

We grow this company by word of mouth. By referrals. You're lucky if we call you! I personally wouldn't call an agent with a scarcity mindset, or narrow minded attitude. Then I would be stuck with them as their sponsor. And I talk to the agents I sponsor as often as they'll let me! (Sorry Julie Evans-you're stuck with me calling you every week!) But if I haven't called you and you want to know more-then call ME. I'll answer my phone.

I have no real clue how a virtual company has managed to make itself feel like we are all sitting around an office together. But it does feel that way. The culture is real. It's tangible. It's relaxed with no pretenses.

So let's talk about recruiting for a moment. Agents complain about it...but why?

My husband is recruited all the time. It's because he's very good at his job and other companies want his talent on their roster. His answer is generally "I'm happy where I am but tell me why I should consider your company. I don't claim to know everything about the industry."

Athletes dream of being recruited. It means they've made it, and all their hard work will pay off. Often times in big financial ways!

I don't know who's reading this, or if you're winning at the highest level. I know I wasn't because I said "No" before I took the time to listen for myself and form my own opinion (vs. listening to others).

But if you AREN'T being recruited, then ask yourself this: "WHY NOT?"

Ask yourself: why is no one reaching out to me? Is it because I'm not as good of an agent as I thought I was/should be/could be? Is it because no one thinks I'll take the time to listen to them and ask questions about their brokerage? Do I have a wall up that I don't even know about? Do people not know I'm interested?

If you're looking for more-more ways to run your business. More ways to make an impact on others around you or your team members. More opportunity to get it right and set yourself up for the long haul no matter how this business changes then DM me. It could be that eXp's platform and business model is the answer. You've read this far into the post. So I know you're interested. You have nothing to lose and only perspective to gain. A DM is confidential. A conversation is confidential.

We're just getting started.

So as my teenagers like to say "Let's GOOOOOO!"