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Don't Just Dream About Your Future, Commit To It!

By: Jonathan Benya

I’m going to be painfully honest here for a moment:

I spent years chasing success, thinking that each award or paycheck was going to make me happier. I made a lot of money, helped a ton of people. From the outside, I looked like I was living the American dream. I had fancy cars, multiple houses, all the “things” people use to measure the success of others.

But there was a secret.

Something not even my family knew.

My spirit was completely broken.

I spent years trying to find the solution. I spent (wasted) over $100k thinking that my happiness was in the next car I bought or the next vacation I took. I felt like my life was completely wasted, the grind of 80 hour weeks had finally taken its toll. I was miserable, and I had given up on even trying anymore. I realized one morning that my goals in life were meaningless to me. I had spent my entire life creating goals that I thought other people expected of me. Goals that would make other people happy. Goals that had nothing to do with my passions or what I felt my purpose in life was. My entire worldview was turned upside down in an instant.

The shift mentally to a new target, one that actually mattered to me, was the easy part. The challenge lies not in the goal setting, but in the consistency of the small actions, I take each day when I wake up to create the life I want for myself and for others.

Life is about the journey you take. It’s about who you surround yourself with. It’s about the choices you make. But most of all, it’s about you.