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Celebrating One Incredible Year with eXp!

By Tina Beliveau

This week marks my one-year anniversary at eXp Realty, and I've been reflecting on how my entire life has transformed over the past 12 months as part of my career transition.

On a professional note, eXp has exceeded every expectation I ever had. A huge driver of my decision to move was to return to my roots - focusing on my own brand, my own team, and de-escalating my working hours. That shift has been absolutely priceless and I have never been happier - and I don't say that lightly, because I feel like it took eons and lots of failures to get to this spot in my life.

Another thing that really intrigued me about eXp was the opportunity to organically support agents who enjoy feeding off my energy and expertise through "network building". The Beliveau Group has always been a small, boutique company; and I have learned I am much happier and we deliver much more value to our clients when our company is small, elite, and well-coordinated.

That left me with a problem, though: how can I be instrumental to the success of other agents in my industry in a meaningful way - without overextending myself - and in a business format that works for everyone?

And that is why eXp's network-building aspect is so powerful. I can "partner" with agents anywhere in the country - separately from TBG - and plug them into a bevy of resources and people (including my own!) that helps them THRIVE. And over this last year, I have been quietly building and working from my "new place of Tina" which is in complete alignment with my values, passions, and time/energy.

The network has really taken off and I am so grateful. This one-year mark feels like a time to celebrate the progress and the 142 awesome people who are currently part of it - and we are growing every single day.

I am really excited about what's to come this next year. Along with having a baby (the centerpiece of everything, of course!!), TBG is thriving and such a source of joy for me. I am flipping my first house and having a ball learning (I see more of that in my future!). And I will be continuing to develop my eXp network which will include rolling out templates, training programs, and courses for like-minded agents who are driven by building relationships.

And what else? Who knows - it really feels like the sky is the limit!

If you read this far, thank you! I'm very grateful for this transformational process and the grace of many beautiful people who surround me. And if you want to hear more about my eXp network, reach out! I'm a wildly open book, as most people know.

About Tina Beliveau

Tina Beliveau is a Real Estate Coach, Consultant, Teacher, Speaker, Founder, and Realtor at The Beliveau Group of EXP Realty.