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A Top, North Carolina Based Real Estate professional, Justin Davis, Joins The Thrive Network & EXP

By: Thrive Real Estate Network

GREENVILLE, N.C. - March 29, 2021 - PRLog Justin Davis, one of the area's top real estate leaders has partnered with the nation's fastest-growing real estate brokerage - EXP Realty, and the Thrive Network. He is a part of the growing movement that's causing many top real estate agents to consider EXP Realty's brokerage platform as a place to call home.

With less than five years in the industry, Justin has proven himself as a results-driven, growth-minded leader who is passionate about helping others succeed and is relentless in his pursuit of learning, leadership, and growth.

In 2017, Justin was named Team Leader and CEO of Keller Williams Realty Points East in Greenville, North Carolina. During his tenure, Justin and his team experienced a 103% increase in agent count, 121% increase in closed units, 158% increase in closed sales volume, 150% increase in agent’s commission earnings and a 165% increase in owner profits. Finishing 2017 as the #5 real estate brokerage in Pitt County, Keller Williams Realty Points East earned its rank as the #1 real estate brokerage in units, volume, and agent count by the end of 2019. Since 2017, Justin has recruited over 170 agents to partner with Keller Williams and has led the Market Center to establish and maintain itself as the #1 brokerage in units, volume, and agent count in Pitt County.

When asked what caused Justin to seek other brokerages, Justin responded, “[I always seek] the best vehicle to help me achieve long-term and short-term wealth building. Who I am in business and partnership with matters, and having no restrictions on who I can partner with is [of] massive value to me.”

Justin believes the Thrive Network and EXP Realty can serve as the vehicle for his success and long-term goals. “In 12-24 months from now, I envision 100% of my monthly expenses being covered by passive income. I intend to be able to use all active income to save, invest, and spend on experiences with my family, friends, and loved ones.”

Vlad Kats, a member of Thrive's Founders Circle, said: "Justin is a true leader who achieves results by empowering those around him to be their best. That's exactly who we want to be in partnership with as the Thrive Network grows. His track record speaks for itself and he is just getting started! And now he has access to some of the biggest minds in the industry and is a part of the brokerage platform that's creating massive amounts of wealth for its agents each and every month."

Justin added: “The more I learn [about the] people of Thrive and EXP, I am increasingly convinced that they are people who can come alongside me and act as a vehicle for my success. Diversity in thought, experience, business, leadership, and beyond is what stands out to me!”