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Mark Anderson

Managing Broker

Top Agent Team

Spokane, WA 

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Mark has had a long passion for Real Estate. He started out buying his first home with his wife Steffanie in 1986 and by the early 90’s they owned a few rental properties. Then in 1998, he decided to go full-time into real estate. After receiving his license, he started to purchase homes, remodel them, and put them back up for sale. During that time he was also increasing his rental portfolio. Mark has flipped over 100 homes from 1998-2007. In 2007, the market had crashed and Mark decided to get out of real estate.

Mark and his wife decided to move from Vancouver, WA to Spokane, WA in 2008 and they started bookkeeping and QuickBooks consulting company with Steffanie doing all of the work for clients and Mark doing all of the marketing and sales. That business has grown over the years, but Mark's passion has always been in Real Estate. So in June of 2013 Mark decided to get back into Real Estate to use his knowledge to help his clients.


Mark learned many valuable lessons in buying and selling homes for friends, family, and himself. He learned valuable marketing techniques as well as what it takes in order to get a home sold quickly- what is worth doing and what is not worth doing. Over the years he also picked up top-notch negotiating skills in order to make sure homes are purchased at the best possible price.

After Mark learned how to serve his clients well, he decided to teach others. So in 2015, he saw there was a need to help Real Estate Agents learn to find clients and to serve them well. So he put together the systems and models he was using and started interviewing people to be on his team. He started with 2 agents and 1 assistant in 2015 and it worked. Those agents became successful quickly under Mark's guidance. He has continued to recruit top talent and people have continued to join his team. We now have some great leaders and have even better systems to teach agents how to be successful in real estate with an eye on serving our clients. We now have 6 people on our support team and 25+ agents to serve our clients.