Joanne Bolt


The Bolt Group Real Estate

Atlanta, GA

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What I do: I work with agents across the country to teach them to go from Solopreneur to #rainmakers of their own teams by scaling their business and the businesses of the agents on their teams via sphere and referral. I also work with #rockstar solo agents that want to explode their business by never cold-calling a single prospective client.

I learned early in my career that referral real estate is the most powerful, most sustainable, and most profitable way to have a career in this industry. At #theboltgroup we currently stand 13+ agents strong in 2 states and by the end of 2021 we intend to have agents cover every state in the USA. So no matter where you are located, we've got you! We can help you scale your business, work with referral partners across the world, and find your financial freedom.

From starting your career, to setting up your exit strategy I'm your business partner. I'll help you learn to work using the power of social media, your sphere of influence, your upstream and downstream referral agent partners, and becoming the hyper-local agent you've always wanted to be.

For agents who've struggled with growing their business, hit a plateau at their current income level, and/or are looking for a partner who consults with them every step of the way, schedule a call with me. I'll help you determine the path, set the goals, and get there.


Get ready 2021. We are here!