Devin Doherty

Real Estate Wealth Manager

eXp Realty

Mission Viejo, CA

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After Devin joined forces with Keller Williams in 2009, he quickly became one of the top agents in the company and joined Gary Keller's Mastermind in 2011. Gary continues to mentor Devin and the other top agents and encourage them to become coaches to agents outside of their specific teams. Devin joined forces with Seth Campbell, Jeff Payne and Reed Moore in 2012, to form the Five Doors Network. Five doors was developed with a mission statement of “building generational wealth through real estate” and focused on growing real estate teams across the country. The Five Doors network has been one of the top 50 real estate teams in the nation for the past four years running. Devin has been able to take the skills that he has as a real estate professional and multiply that through over a hundred agents Nationwide.  


In 2015, Devin became a coach with maps coaching and started coaching the top agents in the country including agents that were in the top 10 of all of the most successful agents in the world. Devin was mentored by some of the top transformational coaches in the world and transmuted his skills into not only being able to support clients with business specific coaching, he morphed his opportunities for coaching into supporting people in all areas of their lives. 


In 2017 he became a practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming. In 2018 he became a master practitioner of NLP and also became a master practitioner of hypnosis. Devin combines his transformational coaching strategies with his down-to-earth practical aspects of how he shows up and delivers values in living rooms and dens across the United States as a real estate practitioner and as a life coach. Devin's number one life value is to “help people on their journey”.   


To deliver even more value, he became part of the Keller Williams University faculty in 2017, which is ranked as the number one training organization in the world by training magazine, to deliver Keller Williams training content to agents Nationwide. 


He has spoken on panels and given speeches in recent years in front of crowds of tens of thousands on stages including Mega Camp, Inman, California Association of Realtors, and the National Association of Realtors, on topics including technology, mindset, effective open houses, pricing listings to sell, team dynamics, and the purpose and passion of living life to the fullest. Devin’s life's passions are fulfilled as he brings value to one person, one to one, or in large group settings.