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Corey Morris

Team Owner

Level Up Group

Quincy, MA

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For most realtors, the sale is all that matters. Corey Morris, founder of Level Up Group, is not most realtors. Corey believes in doing things differently. For him, client experience trumps all, and he and his team remain dedicated to it, I'm going above and beyond to ensure their clients receive a next-level experience from start to finish. Hence the moniker, Level Up.


What’s more, the Level Up experience isn’t solely about buying or selling a home. It’s about empowering clients to move forward in life—to follow through with a dream, overcome a challenge, start a family or something else completely unique to their own journey. Corey and his team do not just uplevel the business of real estate, they up-level their clients’ lives.

Corey is living proof of what it means to “level up.” Growing up in the foster care system, Corey bounced from one home to another and rarely felt fully seen, wanted or nurtured. Through it all, he remained determined to create the life he dreamed of: one full of love, support and a home and family of his own.


And he’s succeeded in his goal. He is first and foremost a husband and a father —his family is his proudest accomplishment, the reason he gets up in the morning and why he doesn’t take business calls after eight o’clock at night.


The focus on family is also why Corey and his team strive to take such excellent care of their clients. The team operates with a mentality of ‘clients have families too, meaning that clients should be able to continue to live their lives while seamlessly having their real estate needs met.


All said and done, the sale means so much more than the numbers on the page or the systems and tools leveraged. For Corey’s team, true success is measured not in dollars but by showing up and answering the question: how did I Level Up on life today?

Level Up,